Wednesday, February 28, 2007

this is where things went horribly right

i ran two (2) miles last night. felt good. i may do the same again today. it will not feel as good. we watched monday's '24' last night, yay dvr. i am sick of the morris and nerdy girl subplot. morris is such a baby. and probably a terrorist. i went to bed at 9:00pm last night. et cetera.


Anonymous said...

I think Jack will go crazy when the Chinese activate the microchip they installed in his medulla oblongta. When his medulla subsequently oblongates, he'll attack CTU Chuck Norris style with explosives in a belt. He'll take out Morris in a pseudo-suicide attack. But he'll live because he's Jack Bauer. The explosion will cause a major electrical field flux when it knocks out the super computer Jack tackles Morris into. The resulting mini-EMP will wipe out the chip in Jack's brain and he'll be fine. He'll even have meant to do it all just that way.

jeff said...

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